Our Story

Stylish Statements. Everyday. 

Every jewelry tells a story. Our jewellery tells a story of our travels and of the artisan jewellers we partner with from all over the world

Some of these are from marginalized communities making a livelihood out of their impeccable skills.

Travel gives you a better perspective — experiences and insights into the lives of peoples in different places. While the joy of journey gives us an inexplicable enthralling experience, the journey also opens our eyes for opportunities to support marginalised communities in these areas. Hello Amelie supports businesses that help uplift these communities, especially in third world countries.

Every piece is lovingly created—with a lot of heart and passion. Our designs are celebrations of craftsmanship that come in all shapes and sizes—but always with joy and wonder of the resulting masterpiece. It is a convergence of stories from different walks of life—all collaborating to craft a unique product.

When you wear a Hello Amelie design, it not only complements your every style, but we aspire that it inspires you to tell your own story to the world, piece by piece, and precious moments in between.


Be Inspired To Tell Your Story.